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A couple stories involving tech gadgets for dogs caught my eye this morning, and I can’t help but assume this will be a growing trend – adapting the gadgets that obsess us humans for use by our pups. The question is: is this useful (or even healthy) for our four-legged friends?

FitBark is a wearable activity tracker for dogs.
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A product called FitBark is a version of the human product FitBit. FitBark, which just raised $80,000 in backing from investors on Kickstarter, affixes to your dog’s collar and tracks his activity throughout the day. Using the complimentary software, humans can track their pet’s activity and compare on a day-to-day basis, allowing them to notice differences that may indicate illness, help choose a boarder, or assist in a weight loss plan. FitBark hopes to launch by the end of 2013, and will retail for $99. Read the full story here.

Anna Jane Grossman developed a class for dogs to learn to use iPads.
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The Today Show recently featured a story about a class which teaches dogs to use iPads. Anna Jane Grossman, who runs School for the Dogs in New York City, realized she could teach her pooch to use several apps on her iPad. She was able to foray this experience into a class. Grossman stresses this is not a “practical” pursuit. It’s simply another way for humans to interact and play with dogs. Read the full story and watch the video here.

Orvis QR Code Pet ID Collars might help your pet come home quickly!

We’ve even gotten into some “wearable tech” for dogs here at Orvis Dogs recently. QR Code Pet ID Collars and QR Code Pet ID Tags feature a personalized “BarkCode” which, when scanned, brings users to your pet’s personal, up-to-date web site. A smartphone is not required, since a photograph of the tag or the URL displayed on it can be text messaged to a special phone number, which then sends back pertinent information. We strongly recommend micro-chipping for all pets, but these tags might prevent the need for taking a lost pet in for scanning, making the whole process of a happy homecoming quicker and easier. Find out more about the QR Code Pet ID Collars here. Find out more about the QR Code Pet ID Tags here.

What do you think of all this tech for dogs? Useful or too much? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Teaching for dog!!!! It is really a great idea. I hope after reading this blog, people will get some advice and teach their pets to use the gadgets.

  2. Tech for Dogs???? Wow…These are really a great things, it will help the owner to find their pet easily if they get lost anytime!!!!

  3. Wow…Such a wonderful gadget, I was not aware about these before! Thanks for sharing this information.

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