How You Can Test Your Dog’s IQ at Home!

Just how smart is your dog?

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Last month, we posted about a company called Dognition that will, for a fee, tell you how smart your dog is. But Dr. Stanley Coren, who has written six books about dogs, devised an at-home test that you can use to assess your pooch’s intelligence. Coren, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, came up with six ways to test your dog’s adaptive intelligence, its ability to solve problems, understand language and learn social cues, like responding to a human smile.

The best part is that these are tests you can do with your dog right at home without any special equipment. Here’s an example:

1. First sit the dog, if it won’t stay you’ll need someone to hold the dog by the collar.
2. Then show the dog the titbit of food and let it sniff it.
3. Then with the dogs full attention slowly place the titbit on the ground about two meters away from it, and invert the can over the titbit.
4. Start timing and encourage the dog to get the food.

After you’ve done the six tests, there’s a page that helps you evaluate the score.

Click here for instructions for administering the tests and evaluating the results. Post your dog’s score below!

Dr. Stanley Coren and some of his friends.

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