Dog Shot in the Face and Left to Die is On the Road to Recovery

Buck and his adoptive mother, Tami Augustyn.

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If the previous story helped to restore your faith in humanity, this one might give you pause. On Saturday, January 5th, a dog was found stuffed in a garbage bag tied to a fence by the side of the road in Conroe, Texas. Good samaritan Tami Augustyn took the suffering animal to a veterinary clinic, where it was discovered that he’d been shot in the face by a shotgun. Some 11 pellets struck the dog in his face and head. The clinic stabilized the dog, which they called Buck (short for “buckshot”) but he has probably lost some vision and suffered brain damage.

Augustyn created a
Facebook page
to raise money for Buck’s treatments, and donations have already topped $10,000. Buck was released from the clinic on Saturday and went home with Augustyn. She plans to adopt him and will use any leftover money to create The Buck Foundation to help abused dogs.

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