Update #2: The Story of a Texas Vet Keeping Dogs as “Living Blood Banks” Gets Even More Bizarre

Here’s the latest on the bizarre story of veterinarian Dr. Lou Tierce, who is accused of keeping a Leonberger named Sid alive for months after he was supposed to euthanize the dog. At a hearing with the Texas State Veterinary Board of Medical Examiners, Tierce explained that he was—get this—”too busy” to put the dog down. He also told Sid’s owner, Marian Harris, that he didn’t euthanize Sid because his staff threatened to quit. He isn’t doing himself any favors by telling different stories, especially when an investigation of the clinic in question turned up four pets that were supposed to have been euthanized.

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Sid was kept in a feces-strewn cage, while being used for blood transfusions.
Photo via Fox4

2 thoughts on “Update #2: The Story of a Texas Vet Keeping Dogs as “Living Blood Banks” Gets Even More Bizarre”

  1. The “good” doctor also said he never euthanized Sid because…are you ready?…HE WAS TOO BIG FOR HIS FREEZER!!! This according to DFW Fox 4 News. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who are still supporting Tierce. Almost 200 supporters made the trek from the Ft Worth area to Austin (about a 3 hour drive). I’m from Ft Worth, & live about 2 minutes from the clinic. I’m so thankful I never took any of my dogs to him. At one time Tierce was known for being the absolute best orthopedic surgeon. A friend of mine who used to work as a vet tech for him, adopted a dog who’s leg had been crushed by a car. The owner had surrendered him to Tierce, for euthanasia. The doctor rebuilt the leg quite well, & Spike lived a long, wonderful life. As a matter of fact, Spike gave me the sweetest goodbye the day he had to be put down. He was a very good boy! Tierce should have retired years ago it seems. Perhaps he’s had some mental break. The doctor admitted to being a hoarder during his hearing in Austin. The entire story is despicable. Hopefully his license will be revoked permanently at his next hearing in October.

    1. Some pets brought to Dr. Tierce, early in his career, received wonderful care. On that there doesn’t seem to be any dispute. One blog comment from a woman who worked at Tierce’s clinic in the 1970’s, said the clinic was clean, organized, and Tierce was a caring and excellent veterinarian at that time.
      Let’s fast forward some 40 YEARS! ……. Have you or your husband changed over 40 years? Have you experienced the loss of a mate? Have your parents changed? How’s your memory; do you move as fast? For whatever reason, Dr. Tierce could no longer operate as he did years earlier. So, …..Why do people fail to see the truth when it is laid out before them with example after example? I think it’s because they don’t want to believe there could be a chance their pet(s) was given less than the best care in recent yrs. I understand
      that, but don’t cover your eyes & ears to the facts/evidence…LET’S HONOR OUR PAST & CURRENT PETS BY HAVING THE COURAGE TO EXAMINE THE TRUTH.

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