The 10 Naughtiest Dog Breeds

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Most dogs are naughty sometimes, but the folks at have come up with a list of what they consider the naughtiest breeds. What do you think of their rankings?

But the article also contains some useful discussion about some of the reasons why dogs do the things they do:

1. To Get Attention. This is the main reason dogs are naughty, which shows that naughtiness is a rather special phenomenon between humans and canines. You will not see dogs behaving this way when alone with other dogs.

2. To Prove a Point. They don’t look at it this way, but you’ll find that if your dog keeps doing the same naughty thing over and over, he’s probably trying to tell you something such as “I’m stealing the toilet plunger because I really need to get outside to play fetch.”

Feel free to add any additional information that you feel they missed!

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