The Amazing Story of Gander and Lon

Gander has become a national hero for his service work.
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A wonderful story and photos on the Huffington Post focus on the remarkable relationship between a Labradoodle named gander, and the man whose life was changed by the wonderful service dog.

Gander has helped Lon (his owner) with a PTSD/anxiety disorder and autoimmune arthritis; they go everywhere together. Before Lon met Gander, his heart rate was at 120 beats per minute, now it’s at about 80 beats per minute. . . .[Lon] tirelessly goes around the country spreading awareness about the positive impact Gander had on his life. He is on a mission to raise awareness about veteran suicide prevention;

Check out the Huffpo story and then click over to Gander’s Facebook page. It’s heartwarming stuff.

Click here for the full story.

Click here for Gander’s Facebook page.

Gander and Lon travel the country spreading the world about the positive impacts of service dogs.
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