The Gorgeous Dog Art of Joseph H. Sulkowski

Written by:Laura Ellis

“Kennel Days”
by Joseph H. Sulkowski

One of my favorite living dog painters is Joseph Sulkowski. There are zillions of dog painters out there, but not many have taken the time to master basic skills. Sulkowski is a master. Here’s what his bio says about his love for dogs:

His love for sporting dogs, terriers and foxhounds inform many of his most illustrious canvases. At the same time, he is inspired by the intimacy of companionship of “manʼs best friend”, the feeling of which is expressed in his privately commissioned pet portraits.

Click here to visit Joseph H. Sulkowski’s website.

Laura Ellis is an artuist whose work can be seen at Brush and Bone Studio.

“Shadow Boxer”
by Joseph H. Sulkowski

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