The Incredible Transformation of an Abandoned Dog

The poor thing’s matted fur made it difficult to discern the dog underneath.
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Here’s an astonishing series of photos from the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals. A dog found roaming the streets of the Canadian city was in such bad shape, with horribly matted fur, that his rescuers first mistook him for garbage. The photos that show what was under that nightmare are remarkable, and the whole thing is reminiscent of Eldad Hagar’s rescue of “Shaggy.”

Click here for the full series of photos and story.

The groomer’s shears revealed a beautiful little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who now awaits adoption.
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One thought on “The Incredible Transformation of an Abandoned Dog”

  1. How could noone have not seen this dog wandering?
    Im appalled if people just ignored this dog.
    People need to step up and be the voice for animals.
    God bless him
    Thankyou for the work you do

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