The Incredible Transformation of Shrek

It’s impossible to believe that Shrek could have survived much longer in this condition.
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This is an amazing story told in photos. A dog left abandoned in the woods of Ontario, Canada, was so disheveled that the man who found him on a farm thought the dog was “an old carpet or a dead coyote in the field near the bush.” He was brought back to the  Park Road Veterinary Clinic, where workers removed an astonishing 3.5 pounds of matted hair and extracted a burr from the dog’s eye.

It was clear that Shrek had lived most of his life in a cage, so his rescuers figured there was a bad breeder nearby. Sure enough, three days later,  a tip-off led to the rescue of 12 more dogs being kept in poor conditions in a nearby puppy mill.

Click here for the full story and the amazing photos of Shrek’s transformation.

Shrek is now among people who will love and care for him.
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  1. I am speechless over this story.The pain that Shrek has gone through has made my eyes wet. Hats off to the guys who have really transformed the life of Shrek.

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