The Life of a Guide-Dog Puppy Trainer

Jay Taylor and guide dog puppy Clover
Photo by Ken McKay/ITV/Rex Shutterstock via

Here’s a great article from The Guardian about Jay Taylor, a woman whose life is dedicated to training puppies to become guide dogs. As Training Supervisor for the English charity Guide Dogs, she oversees some 37 dogs in the program. Her insights about dogs are wonderful:

Each pup is individual and they all have different ways and degrees of learning. To be successful you need to set realistic guidelines from day one, keeping in mind the end goal; that one day these puppies will go on to help someone with sight loss. It may be cute for an eight-week-old puppy to jump at someone for a cuddle but it is not so good when that pup weighs a lot more and can cause injury or embarrassment.

She’s a remarkable woman, and the story is a great read.

Click here for the full story.

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