The Most Misguided Dog “Charity” Event Ever?

Just what every dog wants: surfing lessons. Right?
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What if I told you that a British company was going to raise $10,000 to be split between two charities: Cancer Research U.K. and Battersea Dogs Home. You’d think it was great, right? But here’s the kicker: that $10K is going to be raised by selling a $73,000 vacation for a dog! Something called the Paw Seasons luxury dog hotel has teamed up with, “a company specializing in one-of-a-kind luxury experiences,” to create this ridiculous marketing vehicle masquerading as a fundraiser.

Here’s some of what the “lucky” dog will get:

  • Chauffeured ride for the dog by the Paw Season’s hotel driver

  • Suite, including a screen showing dog favorites (“Lassie,” “101 Dalmatians”) accompanied by dog-friendly popcorn

  • Bespoke crafted doghouse replicating the dog’s own home by Bespoke Impact

  • Personal chef – responsible for a daily menu consisting of doggy favorites

  • Local beach and countryside walks with Billy + Margot ice cream (suitable for vegetarian dogs) and games

  • Running session with 400m hurdles World Champion Dai Greene

Does anyone really believe that the dog cares about any of this? This is the ugliest kind of conspicuous consumption that serves nothing but the vanity of the dog owner who purchases this “canine vacation.” Think of how many dogs could be saved or treated or rehomed for that other $63,000.

What do you think? Should we just be glad that Cancer Research U.K. and Battersea Dogs Home are getting something out of this, or should we be disgusted that some supposed dog-lover is going to waste the rest of that money that could help those charities immeasurably?

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3 thoughts on “The Most Misguided Dog “Charity” Event Ever?”

  1. The kind of person who would buy that package isn’t going to donate to a shelter. If this is the only way to pry his money loose, fine.

  2. Any money received for these charities is a good thing. If someone loved thier dog enought to pay for this, I am sure they are contributing to other charities as well.

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