The Story of Friendship Between a Stray Dog in Sochi and the Man Who Saved Her

Neil Dreher and Fisht are scheduled to head to the U.S. next month.
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Here’s yet another great story of a dog lover making a difference in Sochi. Neil Dreher headed to the Olympics not as an athlete, but as an Automation Operator. He immediately noticed the stray dogs everywhere, and he felt a special connection with one dog in particular:

She was distant at first, but within a few days she was visiting Dreher and other workers every morning. Eventually when Dreher was moved inside to work, which was nothing more than an open doorway of a shipping container, he was able to provide food and small heater to keep Fisht and her puppies warm.

Like many of the folks we’ve written about, Dreher couldn’t leave the dog to fend for herself, so he went to work. Now he’s also working to help others. . .

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