The Strangest Dog Controversy Ever?

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As you probably know, the Internet can be a strange place, indeed, and the recent amount of conversation devoted to the above image is a good example. The question was first posted on humorous Facebook page and then was shared on virtually every other social-media channel. My kids and I even argued about it last night, with me arguing for the left and them insisting that the right illustration represented the proper way. So, um. . .what do you think?

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One thought on “The Strangest Dog Controversy Ever?”

  1. Phil, I’m going to have to agree with your children. The dog on the right is correctly wearing his pants, butt and genitals covered, and the power legs that actually propel the dog in motion are all covered. The unfortunate dog on the left probably has issues with authority as not only is his butt hanging out, but he also identifies with a much older crowd in that he feels the need to raise his pants high enough on his torso to also cover his nipples.

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