The UK’s First Cloned Dog Meets Its Genetic Twin

Winnie-Minnie (left) was created from a skin sample taken from her genetic “mother,” Winnie.
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We’ve posted before about people who clone their dogs (see here), but this is the first time we’ve been given such an up-close look at the cloned dog next to its genetic “parent.” A woman in England, Rebecca Smith, won the opportunity to have her beloved, 12-year-old Dachshund, Winnie, cloned by a company in South Korea. The process would normally cost more than $100,000.

A skin sample from Winnie was flown to Sooam Biotech Research Foundationin South Korea, where scientists implanted cells in a donor egg. After fertilization, the egg was implanted in a surrogate mother.

It’s a fascinating story that raises questions of ethics, heredity, and the desire to “replace” a beloved dog. What do you think?

Click here for the full story and lots more photos.

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