The Wonderful Dog Illustrations of Lili Chin

Lili Chin is an artist and philanthropist from Southern California. Her website, Doggie Drawings, was launched in April 2008 as a fundraiser project for Southern California’s  Boston Buddies rescue, after she had fostered a few dogs and adopted Boogie, a blue-eyed Boston Terrier. But in the past five years, Doggie Drawings has evolved into a full-time (one-person) pet portrait and illustration business, and so far, Chin has drawn over 800 unique pet portraits and donated a total of $13,242 to many dog rescue groups.

Her latest project is called “Dogs & Cats of the World,” and prints of individual dogs or geographical groups are available. (She’s on vacation until Friday, though.) This is wonderful stuff, and a percentage of every sale goes to dog rescues.

Click here for the full collection of illustrations.

Click here for Lili Chin’s website.

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