This Alternative “Top Breeds” List Flies in the Face of Conventional Wisdom

I got a fascinating email yesterday from Stephanie Kim, who works for the dog-sitting company DogVacay, and she expressed a bit of skepticism about the methodology behind the annual AKC “top breeds” list. So she and her colleagues set out to create a different kind of list, which they felt would be more “relevant”:

Though I grew up with a labrador myself, the yearly AKC articles always left me wondering: is the lab truly the most popular dog of the year? The DogVacay team was itching to find a more relevant answer, so we looked at Google’s data on the most-searched dog breeds, viral online content, and our internal data to come up with a fresh list of contenders. (And the beloved labrador comes in 6th place!)

Whoa! Check out the infographic below. Do you think it makes sense? I mean, the Cane Corso comes in higher than the Beagle. Is that possible?

Click here for the full graphic, with more detail and clickable links. There is a ton of info about each breed on the site.

Top Dog Breeds of 2015
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