This Dog Crossbreed Generator Is Kind of Fun

Pekingese + Chihuahua = CHEEKS, according to the Crossbreed Generator.

Ever wondered how a cross or hybrid of two specific dog breeds would look? A UK-based insurance company called The Co-op has a quirky website that often offers blog-post-like articles, and recently they posted a calculator tool that allows you to see what many dog crossbreeds look like. You can choose the two dogs to combine, and the tool spits out a photo and the name of the new crossbreed. There are obviously many, many omissions, but it’s fun to play around with the tool and see what it comes up with when you combine dogs you wouldn’t normally think of crossbreeding.

If you’re thinking of adding a dog to your family, you may also wonder which dog breed is the best for you. Try our Dog Breed Selector—answer a few questions about your lifestyle, and based on your answers, the selector will suggest fifteen dog breeds that might make a perfect fit for your home. Then learn more about each one on our individual dog breed pages.

Choose two breeds and see what comes up!

46 thoughts on “This Dog Crossbreed Generator Is Kind of Fun”

    1. Probably because u can’t make a golden retriever plus a chihuahua.. chihuahua is too small and retriever is too big! They’re letting u choose from the dog that would ACTUALLY fit the size of the other one!

    2. I know it’s stupid but it’s becaus they only do a cross breed that has been done cause they don’t have a image of it…

    3. I know it’s stupid but it’s becaus they only do a cross breed that has been done cause they don’t have a image of it…

      1. There are over 36,000 possible 2-breed combos of just official AKC breeds. You really expect them to have example of each of those 36,000 mixes? Be reasonable.

  1. Haha I was just messing around and did Australian Cattle Dog + Australian Shepherd and i came out with Texas Heeler. They’re both Australian dogs, and yet equal a Texas dog? This is just what i was looking for, but thing is, i wish they had more options. It kinda bums me out when my dog is a shiba inu pomeranian mix. And about my other dog. I actually was hoping to find out what he was, but didn’t work out. He was a stray, and I couldnt find anything that looked like him.

    1. Actually the australian shepherd originated in Texas it was just given the name
      Australian shepherd because they were shipped to Australia look it up get wrecked son.

  2. Okay this thing is stupid… its nice and all to see what one dog would look like mixed together with another dog but it would be 10X’s better if you could type in what breed a dog is like I thought it would do instead of what it gives you

    1. You are so wrong. This is the best thing EVER! Even though it needs improvements (not to me it doesn’t) you don’t have to call it STUPID!!!!!!!! Triston,8 years old. Don’t say that. Its okay. Ollyver, 5 years old.

  3. This is amazing! It helps me learn about breeds that I didn’t know about! Triston,8 years old. The dogs were cute and fuzzy and this website helps me learn about crossbreed dogs. Ollyver, 5 years old.

  4. I have a Longdog Irish Wolfhound mixed with a Greyhound, Mal-Shi Shih Tzu mixed with a Maltese , Morkie Maltese mixed with a Yorkie, and a Shorkie Shih Tzu mixed with a Yorkie.

  5. My sister’s dog is a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Great Dane Mix and the puppies have Husky in them. Good dog, I love her to death! Very little to that generator though.

  6. So you people expect the site to provide an actual example of every possible 2-breed combination? Do the math. There are 190 breeds recognized by the AKC . I believe that’s about 36000 possible 2-breed combos Where exactly are they supposed to find an example of all those exact mixes? The choices are limited to the 2-breed dogs the site had access to & accurate information on, maybe their employees’ dogs or ones at a local shelter. So stop complaining like petulant children b/c they didn’t have your 1 in 36,000 mix. Critical thinking is your friend.

  7. This is stupid. It limits what dogs u can breed with. What if I wanted to mix a Golden Retriever and an Australian Shepherd, well guess what… apparently they don’t want me to I can’t find another dog breed mixer and it sucks. Ugh
    #Stupid. #Useless

  8. why not something similar to morph thing, but with dog breeds. it wouldnt be too difficult to have a standard pattern for each breed, what features are dominant from mum, dad, grandparents, or even if you wanted, choose different parts of breeds, eg head of pomeranian, body of a silky terrier, tail of a pug, coloured like a kelpie.

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