Three Tips to Help Your Dog Get Through Halloween

You’ve dressed the kids and bought the candy, but have you considered your dog’s reaction to it all?
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From a dog’s perspective, Halloween can be a pretty scary time: there are lots of strangers about, many dressed in frightening costumes; the dog’s home is constantly being invaded; and the doorbell might go off dozens of times. Writing on Huffington Post, professional trainer Sarah Hodgeson offers some helpful tips and gives you an idea about what the night might look like through your dog’s eyes:

Whether her normal daily reaction to visitors is protective, friendly, or fearful, it is established. Halloween, however, is far from normal and thus will break every rule. Protective dogs can turn fearful, fearful dogs may stand ground, and friendly dogs may run to hide. When contemplating how to handle this day, consider your dog’s age, temperament and energy level.

There’s certainly plenty to think about here, especially if you have a young or anxious pooch.

Do you have any other tips to share?

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