Tips for Road Trips with Your Dog

Junior and Fido are ready to roll!
Photo by Tricia, Atlanta

Summer is a great time for long road trips, but these can be particularly hard on your dog. Author Candyce Stapen has a ton of great suggestions for ways that you can both prepare your pooch for the journey and make him or her more comfortable on the road. Here’s a taste:

• Get your pup comfortable with long car rides by taking him for 1-2 hour drives several times before your trip.
• Make sure your dog doesn’t eat for several hours before a ride in order to minimize carsickness.
• Stop every 2-3 hours for walks and water but always keep your dog on a leash.
• Pack a bowl, bottles of water and favorite toys.
• Never leave your pets alone in the car. They get nervous and temperatures rise quickly to dangerous levels in warm weather even when the windows are cracked

There’s plenty more where that came from. . .

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