Tuesday Tip: How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Belle shows off her pearly whites.
Photo by Suzanne, Raleigh

How often do you brush your dog’s teeth? It’s National Pet Dental Health Month, but for many people, it’s a real hassle, but it’s important to your dog’s health. An article on mother nature network offers some great tips on taking the pain out of this daily ritual:

1. Brush up on brush styles. Sure, you could grab a toothbrush from the tooth care aisle of your favorite grocery store. And if that works for you and your pet, go for it. But if those styles don’t work for you — or if you’re worried about mixing up the dog’s toothbrush with your own, head to your local pet supply store. There you will find toothbrushes specially designed for dogs and cats as well as finger brushes that might be easier for you to maneuver.

Check out the full article for four more great ideas for ensuring clean, strong chompers for years to come.

Click here for the full story.

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