A TV News Anchor Says Goodbye to a Beloved Dog

Chad Tucker shares a few moments with Otis during his last weekend.
Photo via facebook

Every dog owner will eventually come face-to-face with that moment when we have to say goodbye. Chad Tucker, a news anchor for Fox8 in Greensboro, North Carolina, had shared his life with Otis, a rescued Jack Russell/Bishon mix, for 10 years when he learned that the end was near. After a week in the veterinary hospital offerred no improvement, Tucker brought Otis home for a final week with the family, including a beautiful photo shoot. Rumintaing on his time with Otis, Tucker wrote,

He was with me through my entire 30’s. I learned so many life lessons from Otis during that decade. His gentle heart taught me about forgiveness. His unconditional love taught me to love again. While always standing there in my shadow he taught me about loyalty and the blessings that come from being humble. He also taught us all to laugh, a lot. Especially when he would get his head stuck in the treat jar or fall in the empty washing machine trying to get the treats on the shelf above.

Tucker’s tribute to Otis is a bittersweet history of a life well lived, full of love and laughter.

Click here for the full story, and see Tucker’s beautiful tribute to Otis below.

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