Unconditional Stories #2: Walter and Mary

We’ve posted several times about photographs of older dogs by Jane Sobel Klonsky, which are part of her Project Unconditional. Jane’s daughter, Kacey, has been making short films of her mom’s subjest. (See Laura and Ol’ Red.) This latest video focuses on the relationship between Walter, a ten-year-old Chocolate Lab, and his mom, Mary. As you’ll see, Mary finds that she gets a lot out of having an older dog:  “Every day, I see him do something different. It’s almost like he’s been given a second chance and he’s discovering life new and that really inspires me.”

9 thoughts on “Unconditional Stories #2: Walter and Mary”

  1. Just beautiful! Enjoy the rest of the years you two have together. I have a 9 yr. old chocolate Lab girl myself. She still thinks she is a pup.

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