Unconditional Stories #5: Spur Girl & Mollie

Written by: Jane Sobel Klonsky, Project Unconditional

[Editor’s note: By now, you’re accustomed to seeing the wonderful photographs of older dogs by Jane Sobel Klonsky, which are part of her Project Unconditional. Jane’s daughter, Kacey, has been making short films that focus on her mom’s subjects. (See Laura and Ol’ Red, Walter and Mary, Lacy and Sister Electra, and “Better than Birthday Cake.”)]

Here’s the latest video by my talented daughter, Kacey Klonsky, as part of her “Unconditional Stories” series. Mollie adopted 13 year old Alaskan sled dog Spur from Debbie Moderow of Salty Dog Kennel in Denali, Alaska. In her career, Spur finished two Iditarod races as the lead dog. When Spur was ready for retirement, Debbie hand picked Mollie to take care of Spur. It was a perfect match. Since the day Mollie brought Spur home, the two have been inseparable. Retirement for Spur has been a mix of never-ending hiking, biking, and ski adventures. Mollie says that she hopes to be tough as Spur when she’s her age in dog years.

Mollie and Spur share an active outdoor life.

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