Unconditional Stories #9: Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Written by: Jane Sobel Klonsky, Project Unconditional

Editor’s note: By now, you’re accustomed to seeing the wonderful photographs of older dogs by Jane Sobel Klonsky, which are part of her Project Unconditional. Jane’s daughter, Kacey, has been making short films that focus on her mom’s subjects. (See Laura and Ol’ Red, Walter and Mary, Lacy and Sister Electra, “Better than Birthday Cake,” Spur Girl & Mollie, Rescued by Love, It’s a Family Affair, and Eno & Linda.)

Granbury, Texas—Judy’s best friend Walt, the 10-year old Great Dane, was a present from her children the year after her husband passed away suddenly. Since then, Walt has been by Judy’s side on their Texas ranch. And although he is bigger than she is, he really thinks he’s a lap dog, which you’ll see in this video.

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