Update #3: Visiting Miley, the “Trash heap Dog,” in Her Forever Home

Miley relaxes poolside at her loving forever home. . .miles from her previous life as a stray.
All photos courtesy Eldad Hagar/Hope for Paws

Last December, we posted one of Eldad Hagar’s most stunning videos over, focused on a miserable dog living on a giant trash pile and suffering from a terrible case of mange. Miley’s rescue video has now been watched more 18 million times. We posted two more updates: the first showed how well Miley had recovered from her health problems, and the second showed her in her new forever home.

Yesterday, Eldad posted some new photos and another update:

It was so amazing to visit Miley this weekend at her forever home, and visit with her amazing adopting mom who loves her so much!!! It has been almost a year since that day when Daniel Mazon called the Hope For Paws line and told us about Miley (he is the one who named her). These photos will definitely put a smile on your face. I am forever grateful to The Fuzzy Pet Foundation – (TFPF) for helping us with this project and finding Miley that perfect home.

What a wonderful ending to what could have been a tragic story. You can continue to follow Miley’s progress at her Facebook page.

One thought on “Update #3: Visiting Miley, the “Trash heap Dog,” in Her Forever Home”

  1. Such a beautiful story. She is a gorgeous girl and looks so happy. Thank you for the hard work and pure stamina to help these animals who are so very vulnerable and needy. All they need is a chance. I cried happy tears for Miley (and Frankie) that they were rescued, brought to good health and trust and now such a success story. Wonderful ending.

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