UPDATE: Baby Bear Gets a New Forever Home

That’s the smile of a dog who has found a loving family after a long time alone in the woods.
Photo via komonews.com

Yesterday, we posted the great story and photos about the women of Lost & Found Pets Wa State, who spent hours rescuing a starving dog from a wilderness area. Today comes news that Useless Bay Sanctuary, where Baby bear has been living, has found him a forever home with a family in Tacoma, Washington:

Over the weekend, Baby Bear was adopted by a loving family from Tacoma.

Baby Bear’s former foster family says the family loved him and he loved them immediately.

“He’s being spoiled rotten and loving it,” said Juliette Kumari Parmar Kern. “They got him a new Hawks collar, so he’s the newest 12!”

Thanks to everyone involed in bring baby Bear from the woods to his new home. You can follow his progress on his Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Baby Bear Gets a New Forever Home”

  1. Thanks for posting this great pic and update! I found out about this rescue this morning thru Care2 who sent me an email and have now read what happened and his rescue. Thanks go out to all.

  2. Just received an email from Care 2 and just had to follow all the ‘leads’ to find out more about how ‘Bear’ was doing. He looks just so well fed, contented, and healthy now – my thanks go out to everybody involved in making this new lovely life happen for Bear.

  3. Thanks for not giving up on Bear. Y’all saved his life. You knew that all he needed was someone to care, take the time & reach out , never giving up. not everyone would do that. He looks health & happy! Thank you

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