UPDATE: Dog Marked for Death by Woman’s Will is Now Safe in a Forever Home

A couple weeks ago, we posted about the plight of Bela, a 9-year-old German Shepherd whose owner had passed away. In her will, Connie Lay stipulated that the dog should either be put down, cremated, and buried with her or sent to live out her life at a Utah shelter. However, Lay provided no funds to make the latter plan work, and estate lawyers began planning to euthanize the dog. But that’s when dog lovers and good Samaritans started a campaign to save Bela.

On Sunday, Bela arrived at Best Friends Animal Society’s sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, after being driven the 1,800 miles from Indiana. The trip was paid for by donations from around the world, and now this beautiful girl will be able to spend the rest of her natural life among friends in a beautiful place. Surely, this is what the late Ms. Lay would have wanted. . .

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The kindness of strangers allowed Bela to avoid the euthanizer’s needle.
Photo via katu.com

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