UPDATE: Dog Owners Still Seek the Truth About the Arizona Kennel Where 21 Dogs Died

A memorial to dogs that died at Gilbert-area Green Acre Boarding sprang up after the discovery last month.
Photo via usatoday.com

Last month, we posted about the horrible tragedy at an Arizona dog-boarding business, where at least 21 dogs were found dead. (The initial reports listed the number of dead at 17.) As a story on USAToday.com reports, many of those who lost loved ones are still not satisfied by the answers they have received about events leading up to the tragedy:

John Schill, an attorney representing most of the dog owners, said he is conducting his own independent investigation and plans to file a civil suit.

Schill said he strongly suspects that the dogs were sedated so that 28 animals that would normally fight and play could be crammed into such a small room. He said that’s why the tests on Sonny Corleone’s remains and those of other dogs are so critical.

Schill said he believes the dog owners were defrauded and the lies “magnified it tremendously. That’s when people get upset, when they heard about the lies.”

The story continues to be heartbreaking, as some of the dog owners blame themselves for leaving their pets at the facility. Meanwhile, the family that runs the business continues to call the tragedy and “accident.”

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