Update: Family of Dog Kept Alive for Transfusions Is Suing the Veterinarian Who Lied to Them

The Harris family, (l-r) Jamie, Cole, Case, Marian pose with their dog Sid at their home Saturday, April 26, 2014.

Last week, we featured the horrific story of what went on behind closed doors at Camp Bowie Animal Clinic in Fort Worth, Texas. Now, the Harris family—whose dog, Sid, was kept alive by veterinarian Lou Tierce long after he was supposed to have been euthanized—is suing the vet:

In their lawsuit, the Harris’ alleged that Tierce initially told them that Sid needed minor anal gland treatment in May of 2013. They often visited Sid and were told he was getting better.

But in September, Jamie Harris went to see his dog and discovered Sid could not lift his hind quarters.

In October, the family was told that Sid had the degenerative spinal defect and the Harris’ reluctantly decided to have him euthanized. They even discussed burial at Tierce’s farm.

But they later learned that Sid allegedly was injured when an employee “flipped” the dog into a bathtub, and the dog landed on his back in an unnatural position, the lawsuit said.

Let’s hope that the truth about all these allegations comes out.

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One thought on “Update: Family of Dog Kept Alive for Transfusions Is Suing the Veterinarian Who Lied to Them”

  1. We have all heard at some time or another about how fiercely proud Texans are. Well Texans, here is your chance to rise up together and demonstrate your love of courage, freedom, and nature. In good faith this family took their loving companion to a man who had apparently been brutalizing the companion animals of Texans and their children for some time.
    I am sick to think of the confusion and physical pain that this beautiful dog experienced. And how do you explain this to the children who the dog belonged to? These horrors do happen; I know of 2 instances in OH.
    Texans, do what you can to send the message…NOT IN OUR STATE! Maybe send a few dollars to help fund the lawsuit; protest in front of this “Camp of Horrors” and make sure no other individual ever unknowingly takes a creature there; demand the license of the owner from the Texas Board of Veterinarian Medicine; and more. Good luck to all who care. I’ve been to Texas and know its a big beautiful state . I bet it has an even bigger HEART.

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