UPDATE: Freeway Frida, Who Survived for Weeks in a Highway Median, is Adopted!

Officer Coelho fell in love with Frida’s big, brown eyes.
Photo via thedodo.com

Back in May, we posted the story of Freeway Frida, who eluded capture for five weeks in a brushy median area of a California highway. When she was finally caught and brought to a veterinary clinic, the female German Shepherd was tired, hungry, and suffering from a broken leg. Now comes news that one of the police officers who rescued Frida, Sylvia Coelho, will adopt her:

Those big brown eyes must have said so much more than words to Coelho. Because the police officer plans to adopt Frida as her own if the dog’s original owners don’t claim her by next week.

In the meantime, she’s visiting Frida at the hospital, where the dog is currently recovering, every chance she gets.

During one visit, as reported by the Star-Telegram, Frida limped toward her and gave the police officer a paw.

What a great ending for both Frida and Coelho!

Click here for the full story.

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