UPDATE: Hero Dog from the Philippines Heads Home After Surgery

Veterinary technician Dawn Gillette bids farewell to Kabang, the playful survivor Gillette calls “a real character.”
Photo via sfgate.com

Last Fall we reported the remarkable story of Kabang, a dog in the Philippines who saved two young girls who were about to step in front of a speeding motorcycle. In the process, Kabang suffered horrific injuries, but she survived and was eventually brought to the veterinary hospital at UC Davis in San Diego for further surgeries that would improve her quality of life. Photographs of the dog, with her missing top jaw, were posted around the Internet.

This Thursday, Kabang will finally head back home, healthier and happier. It turned out that she needed even more treatment than was originally anticipated, as she had heartworn and cancer. But all is well now, thanks to the efforts of doctors at UC Davis and those who contributed to the fundraising campaign to save Kabang.

But the story is not without controversy. Some argue that too much was spent on this one dog, and those funds could have saved many more animals. Others believe that this is payback for her heroism.

What do you think?

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The staff and veterinarians at UC Davis pose for a final picture with Kebang.
Photo via sfgate.com

3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Hero Dog from the Philippines Heads Home After Surgery”

  1. If a campaign was started to specifically raise funds earmarked for this dog’s care, I don’t see what the controversy is. I’m sure donors are thrilled their donations went to such a worthy cause to help this dog. I hope she has many wonderful years ahead of her.

  2. a well deserved show of support for a hero dog! If those people who are being critical didn’t want the money spent on her, they didn’t have to donate.

    btw..the link to the original story doesn’t seem to be taking me back to the original story 🙂

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