Update: How to Adopt a Sochi Street Dog

The plight of stray dogs in Sochi has captured the world’s attention.
Photo via usatoday.com

Dog lovers worldwide have raised enough of a stink about the killing of stray dogs before and during the Sochi Olympics that the story refuses to go away. We posted twice last week about Russian rescue organizations who are trying to save as many dogs as possible (see here and here), and yesterday’s USA Today featured a story on how someone can actually adopt one of these rescued strays. It’s a difficult process, however:

It can be done over the phone and e-mail, said Humane Society International director for companion animals and engagement Kelly O’Meara, but it will require significant cooperation from a local and several layers of logistics that would be much less complicated in person.

The USA Today story links to a page on the Humane Society International site that offers step-by-step instructions for adopting a street dog from overseas.

Click here for the full story.

3 thoughts on “Update: How to Adopt a Sochi Street Dog”

  1. The only way to save stray dogs there is to find funding/wealthy people who will donate money to build shelters and pay medical bills to neuter the dogs. Twenty five years ago they fixed pets without any sedation or anastasia. I hope that they are doing that in a more civilized way now (which I doubt). It is possible to collect donations from the US to build shelters there.

  2. I think if Russia is so interested in showing their good side they would have done something human for the dogs before the games started I hope that the Russian people in charge will do the right thing and let people who want to adopt pets let them do it, after all the dogs are getting a good home, and the Russians are taking care of the dogs they don’t want.

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