UPDATE II: Carmen the Hero Dog Finally Goes Home

Last week, we posted twice about the incredible heroics of Carmen, who had tried in vain to save her owner from a fire and then was left struggling for her own life in an Ohio veterinary clinic. (See here and here.) The great news is that Carmen has recovered enough to leave the hospital, and she has moved in with her former owner’s brother.

“It’ll be tough in that sense, seeing Carmen every day, because she will remind me of Ben,” Phil told CNN affiliate WCPO.  “But it’ll be like having a piece of him around.”

While she was receiving care, folks from around the world donated almost $30,000 to help pay for treatment. We wish Carmen the best in her new forever home!

Click here for the full story.

Carmen with her late owner, Ben Ledford, whom she tried to save.
Photo via lifewithdogs.tv

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