UPDATE II: Diggy the Smiling Dog and His Owner Continue to Fight BSL

Diggy has been classififed as an American Bulldog by a veterinarian, but authorities refuse to recognize that.
Photo via theoaklandpress.com

We have posted twice about the case of Diggy (a.k.a. Sir Wiggleton), who is the subject of a battle between his owner and authorities in Waterford, Michigan. (See here and here .) The town’s breed-specific legislation bans Pit Bulls, and the town considers Diggy to be a member of the banned breeds. But the dog’s owner, his veterinarian, and the shelter from which he was adopted all say that Diggy is an American Bulldog. There is now a hearing set for August 11 to decide if Dan Tillery must pay the fines that he has racked up because of Diggy.

And whereas the whole ruckus was caused by some townsfolk complaining, in the weeks since, many more people have rallied in support of Tillery and Diggy. . .

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3 thoughts on “UPDATE II: Diggy the Smiling Dog and His Owner Continue to Fight BSL”

  1. diggy is a American bull dog it you google anerican bull dogs you will see a picture of a bull dog that looks just like diggy just because the city does not want to admit they are wrong the dog and the owner are going through many problems. and that is not right the dog has found a good home after being in a shelter for a long time and both are happy leave them the city should admit that they were wrong and leave them alone my dog which is a boxer cattle dog mix but when I got him some people thought he was boxer pit bull and I would not have minded but he is not a pit bull if you look up cattle dog there is a picture of a dog that looks just like my dog and one of my co workers saw a picture of my dog and said to me oh you have a cattle dog and I asked her how she knew it was a cattle dog not a pit bull she says she knows the bread cattle dogs and my dog looks just like a cattle dog that is why when I heard about diggy I googled American bull dogs and there was a picture of a bull dog that looked just like diggy wake up people of Waterford before the ban other dogs if you let them get away with it they can chose to ban other breeds just because. I have lots of friends that have pit bulls and they are very friendly. only people who train there dogs to be mean for one reason or another have mean dogs or abuse there dog they could be mean from being abused but naturally pit bulls are not mean the are very friendly wake up people lets not let the town of Waterford become like hitler and like hitler who banned the jews. look what happened there. they killed the jews. I know the difference between dogs and people but the same thing is happening ban banning pit bulls just because of the breed is wrong give the pit bull a chance you might see how friendly they are.

  2. I agree. This is absurd. Why have veterinarian’s at all if their professional determinations aren’t going to be accepted. I want people who own Lab’s, Golden retrievers , Poodles , Beagles and the list goes on and on who love their dogs like family but are behind this crazy profiling of dogs in the genre to try and feel what Diggy’s family is going through. If this were your BABY what would you do if you received permission before you adopted them only to turn around and have to give them back ? If you would just give them up because of a police officers’ judgment call who by the way NEVER went to veterinary school; then may someone needs to come by your home and see what’s going on over there. Maybe your mutt is mixed with a pit look a like.. Let’s see how you would feel !!!

  3. This do is not a danger to anyone. If the Vet and various other state he is an American Bulldog this is not a PIT BULL. The city should admit their error, pay the owner for his trouble and move on “Diggy stays” Digging in your feet on a subject you are wrong on, just makes you more wrong the further you go with it. It amazes me that people called 911 when they see a dog and owner so happy together….how sad is that? There seems to be no end to the jealousy, greed that runs amok….Grace, and kindness seem to be less predominant these days

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