UPDATE II: More People Step Up to Help Man Who Broke a Car Window to Save a Dog

Last week, we told you about Michael Hammons, a Georgia man who broke a car window to save a dog locked inside on a hot day. For his trouble, he was arrested, at the insistence of the car owner. Soon a petition was launched to get the charges dropped, and now comes a news story detailing even more Good Samaritans coming to Hammons’s aid:

Shannon and Mark Martin, the owners of Pets Supplies Plus, are among those stepping up to help Hammons. . . .Hammons’s attorney reportedly took the case pro bono and the local Ford dealership offered to replace the dog owners’ window.

Folks are starting to focus on the bigger issue, as well, and there’s a movement afoot to get the Georgia laws changed to protect dog rescuers from criminal prosecution.

Click here for the full story.

Michael Hammons, moments after breaking a car window to save the dog inside.
Photo via 11alive.com

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