Update IV: Schoep the Dog Turns 20

When this photo was taken, Schoep seemed to be failing. On Saturday, he celebrated a milestone birthday.
Photo by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson / Stonehouse Photography

The photograph that Hannah Stonehouse took of John Unger cradling his ailing dog Schoep last July quickly went viral, and it resulted in an outpouring of donations that helped return the dog to good health. But Schoep is old, suffering from arthritis, and he is now blind and hard of hearing. According to Unger, Schoep has good days and bad days, but his condition is stable.

On Saturday, Schoep turned 20, and he received more than 1,000 cards from well-wishers, as well as gifts. No matter what happens in the near future, dog lovers around the world have given Unger and Schoep a full year together that they might not have had otherwise.

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