UPDATE: Loyal Dog Who Protected His Injured Friend in Back With His Family

“Herman” is off the streets and back with his family, which is a happy ending to a tragic story.
Photo via lifewithdogs.tv

Last week, we shared the story of Herman, a stray Pit Bull who was found standing protectively over his friend, who had been hit by a car. Both dogs were taken to a shelter in Atlanta, but unfortunately, Herman’s friend could not be saved. The shelter put out a call to find a forever home for the brave Pittie, and many offers flooded in. But then the Friends of Fulton County Animal Services Facebook page posted an update:

Herman is back with his family, and we were pleased to be able to have him neutered and microchipped before his return home. While we are not at liberty to discuss individual experiences, please know that we have evaluated the situation using our best practices and standards. Our desire is to reunite owners with their pets, and we always promote responsible pet ownership.

While we are glad that the dog is back home, we hope that his family has learned valuable lessons from this tragic event.

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