Veterinarian Claims that Physical Therapy Can Add Years to a Dog’s Life

Lisa Mason, a veterinarian at Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital, works with Lil, who was paralyzed.
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For humans struggling to recover from an injury or to deal with the infirmities of age, physical therapy can work miracles. One Florida veterinarian believes that if it works for humans, then we should do it for dogs, as well. Dr Lisa Mason uses acupuncture, water therapy, and other techniques to help dogs that might otherwise have been euthanized. And her results speak for themselves:

“We’re able to do so many things for these guys to get them back up on their feet,” said Mason. “We put them on home-cooked diets, we get them on herbal support.”

For two-and-a-half years, Mason has been integrating ancient Chinese medicine with modern day technology. Machines, like an underwater treadmill, are giving owners options they wouldn’t have had just a few years ago.

Doctor Mason argues that such treatment not only adds to a dog’s quantity of life, but the that’s life’s quality, as well.

Click here for the full story and a video report.

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