Veterinarian Shares Personal Story of Having His Own Dog Put to Sleep

Dr. Douglas Palma and his wife, Eileen, with Rufus.
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Here’s a very moving story from veterinarian Douglas Palma about how it feels to be on the other side of the experience when a beloved pet must be euthanized. Having consoled countless others in the process, he realizes that he never really understood what it felt like to lose a cherished dog. It’s a very open and honest account of how the experience changed him as a person and as a vet.

It’s a sad tale, but an important and heartfelt one:

Those two days are with me every time I have to break bad news or perform euthanasia. Now when I say, “I understand,” I do.

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One thought on “Veterinarian Shares Personal Story of Having His Own Dog Put to Sleep”

  1. My love Susan and I struggled (too slowly, I think) into the same decision and outcome. Our dog Desert Cutter, was slipping away rapidly…a month from finishing his 15th year in this world. We brought him in and he resisted his death, though he seemed to know that he was lost. He was a hunter. He was a killer. He knew the score. He was a laughing fool, a sprite and a joker, but he settled into our arms in the safe end room. He settled into our hand. He settled but gave one last thrashing leap back towards earth before finding his peace there…and he was so beauteous again…so magnificent and strong. He was so brilliantly soft and supple in his sunset…as if he was running the Flint Hills of Kansas once more…as if he was carrying life away and on…as if he was still the great dog. We will spread his ashes across his known world this summer…for us and hopefully bring him to some forever…for us… He is gone to spread far, wide and lightly into our universe and vision.

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