Vice President’s Son and Family Adopt a Dog Off the Street

Here’s a great story about an unexpected rehoming of a dog who was abandoned on the street in Mississippi, transported to Nantucket, and then adopted off the street (literally) by a prominent American family. The ten-month-old Lab mix—originally called Peggy—was sent from Mississippi to Massachusetts because finding new homes for abandoned dogs is difficult in much of the South. Little Mountain Rescue in Eupora sends most of their dogs to Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals in Nantucket, an island off Cape Cod.

It just so happens that Nantucket is where Vice President Joe Biden and his family spend Thanksgiving, and it was there that Biden’s son, Beau, and his kids ran into Penny, who was being walked while wearing an “Adopt Me” scarf. That chance encounter led to a dramatic change in the dog’s life. Now named Indi, she is enjoying life in the home of Delaware’s Attorney general.

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The family of Beau Biden poses for a picture with their new dog Indi, who was left abandoned in Mississippi.
Photo via facebook

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