Video: 61 Dogs Seized—But Not Rescued—from a Fighting Ring in Florida

WFLA News Channel 8
Last week, authorities in Polk County, Florida, raided two properties and found dozens of dogs living in deplorable conditions, may tied to heavy logging chains designed to strengthen dogs for fighting. Two people have been charged with multiple crimes:

Nickie Nicole Sanders faces 48 charges related to animal cruelty or animal fighting one count of possession of cannabis and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Hewitt Grant faces 78 charges related to animal cruelty or animal fighting, one count of possession of cannabis and two counts of felon in possession of a firearm.

Authorities assume that there were many others involved in this fighting ring, and the investigation is ongoing.

Tragically, even though the dogs were seized, they may not have been rescued:

The dogs, all pit bulls or pit bull mixes, are extremely aggressive, Polk County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Donna Wood said. Wood said because of the dogs’ aggression they will likely be euthanized. It’s a move that is for the safety of the community, Wood said.

“You have tied other’s people’s hands now,” Wood said of the dogs’ owners. “You have placed us into a situation to where there is no way we would take the responsibility of potentially placing a child or elderly person at risk,” she said.

Many dog lovers in the community are upset that there will not be an attempt to rehabilitate the dogs, even though many dogs from fighting rings have gone on to be loving pets.

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3 thoughts on “Video: 61 Dogs Seized—But Not Rescued—from a Fighting Ring in Florida”

  1. Good point about what these abusers also do to the community and good people who should not have to deal with the horrors of their crimes and in turn have to put down animals that otherwise they would not want to do in good conscience either. Therefore, these animal abusers should have higher penalties because of the damage they also do to the community. Add it up!!!!

  2. Frustrating that they just say all the dogs are “aggressive”. Have they actually been evaluated by someone who can determine this? So very sad and unfair to those poor dogs who may never get the chance to be loved. Every one deserves a chance! Definitely should have stronger punishment for the abusers.

  3. The dogs shown in the footage did not appear to be aggressive. If they were aggressive they wouldn’t have been able to be walked to the trucks on leashes and/or carried. Who determined that they’re “way too aggressive” to live?

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