Video: 9-Year Old Hero Faces His Fears to Save a Dog

When nine-year-old Grant Snodgrass heard that a dog was trapped down in a storm drain in his Plano, Texas, neighborhood, he ran down to see what was happening. Despite the fact that he suffered from anxiety—especially about confined spaces and bugs—he volunteered to be lowered into the hole to save the 15-year-old Shih Tzu named Macy:

Grant knew he was the only one who was small enough to fit inside.
“I had to go down the hole; I couldn’t do anything else,” he said.

Not only did Grant perform a heroic deed, but his mom says that this event might help allay some of his anxiety. Bravo, Grant!

Nine-year-old Grant Snodgrass shows how he rescued a neighbor’s dog from a storm drain.
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