Video: A Dog and a Wild Bird, Playing Together?

We have featured great videos of dogs playing with a variety of other animals—horses, pigs, and even wild otters—but this one is astonishing for a couple reasons: first, you’d expect these species to have nothing in common and to perhaps be natural enemies, and second, it’s a wild Australian magpie! After a little reseach, however, I discovered that this is not as bizarre as you might imagine. Magpies are among the most intelligent birds on the planet, as demonstrated by one skill that separates them from every other avian species: they can recognize themselves in the mirror. This suggests a self-awareness that might perhaps be what allows the bird to be so playful with this pooch.

Whatever the reason that these two are able to communicate and enjoy each other’s company, it sure is fun to watch!

Hat tip: Laurie Bruchman

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