Video: A New Ending for Ralph’s Rescue Video

From Annie Hart @ Bill Foundation:

So, this video is how I met Eldad and WHY I got so involved in dog rescue… However, it has a new ending never been seen before! Especially for everyone who has asked, “What happened to Ralph?”

I was just a new volunteer at Bill Foundation the first time I saw the original video. I probably watched it 20 times the first night, and I was so moved, I sobbed for hours. Watching the way Eldad worked with him inspired me to not only dive deeper into rescue, but also to become a part of Ralph’s story.

I went to meet Ralph, and we spent a few hours together. Walking, playing, snuggling, even getting kisses on my face from him. However, when I turned to leave, he bit me on my calf. HARD. I was gushing blood through my jeans and during the 10 seconds it took someone to get him off of me, I stood frozen. I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t mad—I was sad. I realized Ralph wasn’t trying to hurt me. He didn’t want me to leave him. He was scared of being abandoned again.

That was the moment. The quintessential moment that changed my life. From that moment forward, rescuing was no longer a part-time hobby. It became a mission—to help save the abandoned, the broken, the unwanted.

And this was the moment Bill Foundation and Hope For Paws began working together. Please join me, for the very first time, to see how Ralph’s story ended (or you might say “began”).

This video will ALWAYS touch MY heart ♥♥♥

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  1. This so made me cry at the end. Thank God for the patience of these people. A scared little dog learned someone could love him,

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