Video: A Paralyzed Dog Learns to Walk Again!

Here’s a wonderful video that shows the transformation of Kenny from paralyzed to playful. He was rescued in Los Angeles in April, having suffered a horrible spinal injury that rendered him unable to walk. It was assumed that he would be euthanized, but Two Hands Four Paws founder Leslie Gallagher offered to try to help Kenny:

Though game for therapy, Kenny would need an MRI and probable neurosurgery. A fund raising campaign was established, word spread about Ken’s situation and contributions totaling over $9,000 came in from around the world! In early May, Dr. Wayne Berry, a leading neurologist analyzed the MRIs and performed the surgery. Immediately, Ken’s pain diminished and his limbs regained some flexibility. A major hurdle had been crossed.

It was then back to rehab. Intensive, focused rehabilitation. Massage therapy, hydro and laser therapies, acupuncture, exercises, etc. And it worked! Within a week of surgery he took his first few steps. He soon regained his ability to urinate and defecate on his own. His strength returned. He started to try to play with other dogs even though he was so unstable he fell down constantly.

It’s incredible what loving, compassionate people can accomplish when they see beyond euthanasia as the simple answer to a complicated problem!

Click here for the full story.

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