Video: A Powerful Message Behind “Bad Dog/Good Dog” Commercial

This commercial from the UK offers a striking perspective of what’s really behind the term “bad dog.” Hint: it has little to do with the dog. The number of lessons—about dog behavior, human decency, and the power of rescue and adoption—packed into a one-minute spot is impressive.

59 thoughts on “Video: A Powerful Message Behind “Bad Dog/Good Dog” Commercial”

    1. My dogs love Pedigree and I started just because of your helping pet shelters! Thank you! Wonderful video and wishing it was shown in the USA and other country! Maybe more people will see what we see!

  1. Some people just do not deserve to have pets, especially this jerk! This brought a tear to my eye…..what a awsome pooch, I would love to have him/her..

    1. I felt the same way I got that tightness in my throat. It’s a powerful commercial that is about a lot more than Pedigree dog food.

    2. Barb – It is a commercial – as in actors and not real.
      The dog was awesome before they got it to act all sad and lame.

      Great advert.

      1. Lol are u kidding me? You are totally missing the point! The reason why this advertisement manages to tear at our heartstrings is because of how realistic it is and how many times this story and worse ones are actually taking place in the real worls. Smh how ridiculous that the only thing u get from this story is that its a commercial! By the way … i do animal rescue and know first hand how many shi**y people are out ther that abuse and neglect these poor animals. Thanks for your “no duh” comment.

  2. I have taken in many recues over the yrs… they only want to be part of a family and to be loved. This video made me cry but was a wonderful statement..

  3. When the only compassion we have is for the dog, we forget that this person who did this to the dog may not have been educated, may not have understood, and disagreed with the RSPCA taking his dog. How about if instead of putting one more dog who HAD a home into a rescue, we share our compassion with the people, we teach them, we build communities to help the people to keep their own pets? I cry when I see this sort of video…not because I think the dog deserves to be in such dire straights but because we have created a society of good people and bad people. Shame on pedigree foods. They could have done SO much better.

    1. Seriously???
      you dont need training to know that a dog needs food and water….that it needs shelter…that you dont beat it.
      Jeeeze…..some people lol

    2. @Sue, Why are you even looking at a Rescue video if you don’t believe in Rescue? This video is nothing for Pedigree to be ashamed of. You should be ashamed of yourself for your comments. Just stay away from the rescue posts if they bother you so much.

    3. Really? I know people need education on how to care for their animals BUT when I dog is in this kind of situation it is not education it is ABUSIVE. They are not blind, they see this dog in deplorable condition and keep it in a state of neglect. Remove the dog, remove the problem, maybe education can come later but it would be better for them to NEVER own another animal. There is no love there. If animal control did not “interfere” that dog would be a stray on the street or dead. Purina, love that commercial. I will continue to buy your products. Blessings for giving out food as part of your campaign.

    4. Get real. If a grown adult needs educated on the basic points of how NOT to treat a dog like a trash bag filled with garbage……..that adult has no business “owning” a dog.

    5. Oh please!!! We all know there are hateful and abusive people in this world but no animal should have to suffer human ignorance. This goes way beyond animal abuse and is a totally different issue.

    6. Sue,I do not believe in no education or understanding about people as in this video.Everyone knows what is good or bad.Simply stated.You know if you hit another person it is meant to inflict pain /harm.You know if you leave your laundry outside to hang while there is wind and storm.your laundry will be dirty again.It is common sense.No.Humans are not as loving as may appear.Look how humans abuse and folter kids just to work out their frustrations.Humans are creating this society,not dogs and not children.

    7. OMG are you serious? Even a child knows the difference between right and wrong and to provide at least basic comforts for pets. I have heard children worry about animals being cold or wet so whether the person that did it was educated or not they should have general knowledge about providing basic comfort and care for a pet OR they should NOT have one.

  4. @Sue, Why are you even looking at a Rescue video if you don’t believe in Rescue? This video is nothing for Pedigree to be ashamed of. You should be ashamed of yourself for your comments. Just stay away from the rescue posts if they bother you so much.

  5. Sue, You can’t teach people to have “Heart”! He screamed at the fur baby because he/she was barking due to being out in the rain with NO cover, dirty water, contaminated food, scared & alone!! Broke my heart! He doesn’t deserve another fur baby!! Hope he doesn’t have children!!

  6. Sue Alexanders I hope you are able to read this so you know that I am SO Very sorry to hear about your LOBOTOMY. I knew they caused brain damage but they must have really slipped with the knife in your case I hope you get well real soon

  7. Powerful commercial, makes me cry each time. Please people Pedigree does indeed really help a lot of shelters and animals, but their food is NOT good for your animals. Please read the ingredients and make an informed choice rather than a choice based on a commercial.

  8. Great commercial with a beautiful message. The current Pedigree commercial airing in the US right now is wonderful too. I love what Pedigree does to bring awareness and support to shelter and rescue dogs. However I will not feed their food to my dog. The quality of ingredients in their food is questionable but I support and applaud their commitment and creativity.

    @Sue, feeling compassion for animals does not automatically mean there is no compassion for humans but in the end most human (adults) have a choice, animals never do.

  9. We recently adopted a shelter dog, we have often wondered where she came from and why she was so skittish around males, watching this broke my heart, she is such a GOOD DOG that has given us so much joy and love and yes quite a bit of frustration at her antics! Yet we cannot imagine not having her in our lives! Thank you Pedigree for showing that a Good Dog is out there just waiting to be gvien the chance to become a member of your family.

  10. Great commercial. Good for Pedigree for their work undoing some of the horrific injustices done to the innocent in this troubled world of ours. My contribution is making sure my three dogs are kept healthy and happier than me.

  11. I wouldn’t consider Pedigree a “good” food but their heart is definitely in the right spot. They do a lot for shelter dogs.

  12. Part 2 of the commercial will see me getting the owner beating him down and making him live like he did to the dog

    1. thank you for this comment, it at least made me laugh through my tears. pedigree may not be the greatest dog food, although some dogs thrive on it but kudos for their help with abused and shelter dogs…

  13. if you can watch an animal be mistreated and not want to rescue them from an entirely
    undeserved fate, you are not human. God love those who have the courage and ability to rescue
    these precious animals. Good humans.

  14. Sue seems naive, although I wish her simple words could be true. The reality is that many people do not possess the empathy to care for ANY animal… Come back when science has perfected a vaccine to correct inhumane-ness in humans… But in the world I live in today, there are far too many people who have no concept for compassion; education cannot fix that…

  15. I was sad starting this video…and what so many animals go through in bad homes….why do so many people get dogs only to put them outside the home and neglect them, abuse them and hate them…?
    It was a powerful video and I shall share it to spread the word….If we see abuse of an animal we need to report it!
    Animals have rights as well !

  16. Sue, u are clearly in need of education yourself. The message behind this commercial is EXACTLY what u were stating. Better people raise better dogs. If ur compassion is for the heartless a$$hole that mistreats and neglects and abuses an animal then I pray that u never have animals or children. The bleeding ignorance of ur statement and ur lack of any kind of realistic sense is not only painfully naive but sickeningly offnsive. Pay attention next time before u go spouting off some absolute nonsense. And do everyone a favor and stay off of rescue sites until u gain some prper perspectve and good sense, and possibly grow a heart.

    1. This is so true Julia why do others not see this! However shelters are sometimes desperate or don’t care or it’s only for a short term. I have seen better foods at shelters they just do a big mix of good and crap food. How pedigree can call themselves good is beyond me.

  17. @ Sue… Really! SMH!
    I hope you’ve been spayed, please don’t contribute to the gene pool!
    we have enough bad parents in the world.

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