Video: A Tail of Comfort and Joy

Here’s a beautiful little video from England with a powerful message. Yes, it’s a commercial for a brand of natural and organic pet food, but I don’t think that interferes with the underlying themes. And, of course, it’s gorgeous to look at. So, if you can put up with some fairly subtle commercialism to get the point across that we need to ensure that strays are taken care of, you’ll enjoy this.

Is it me, or are most of the best dog commercials from England? I wonder why that is.

3 thoughts on “Video: A Tail of Comfort and Joy”

  1. It’s a very well written article and creates awareness among pet owners and pet lovers. I have shared it with my friends, these should always be followed no matter what, thanks a lot to the author. I would like to add just one more point, something that shook me and I learnt a big lesson. One day when I returned from a walk with Alice(my chihuahua) I realised that her paws were hurt and showed burns. While taking our dogs out for a walk we must either give them boots or carry them in a small dog stroller ( to keep their paws safe in such conditions, or if possible take them out for walk at night or in early morning,

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