Video: A Tribute to Schoep and His Owner, John Unger

Readers of the Orvis Dogs blog are surely familiar with the story of Schoep and his owner John Unger. The photo of the pair in the water went viral last year, and Schoep’s story took on a much larger meaning. Schoep passed away last month at the age of 20. Now, a woman named Jennifer Wallick has created a tribute video. Here’s her descripion:

Inspired by the real life story of the incredible love between a man [John Unger] and his dog [Schoep]. They had 20 years together — 20 years of unconditional love. The text was written by me. The photos are from John’s Facebook page. The song is that of Sir Elton John. I hope you enjoy. This story moved me so very much. I hope it will you as well. Love, Jenny

It’s beautiful stuff. Make sure you have some tissues handy.

9 thoughts on “Video: A Tribute to Schoep and His Owner, John Unger”

  1. I have followed this story since day one and it has touched the hearts of many. It is always hard to lose a family member and Scheop knew he was family. My thoughts and prayers goes out to John. Lots of hugs and Love!!

    Ps. The word parts of the video could of been a little slower.

  2. Sooooooo touching!! Yes, tissues, indeed!! I’m so glad there are people out there like, John!! <3 I can't imagine EVER losing my Starla Moon…my precious Cocker!! She just turned 7 & I pray she will live to be 20, if not older!! God Bless you John & your beloved Schoep!! He will be waiting at the gates of Heaven for you <3 <3

    *I agree, the words need to be a little slower, an I can read pretty fast!! Maybe this is so we all watch this video more than once 😉

  3. I will be crying today! So touching I don’t have words. God bless them both amazing I am lost for words. Love

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