Video: Adopted Elderly Dog Turns Out to Be a Life-Saver

Here’s a wonderful story from Massachusetts that speaks to the value of older dogs. Many folks shy from adopting dogs of a certain age, but Corry Barboza fell in love with Chip at first sight. She saw the 13-year-old chocolate Labrador featured on ABC 6’s “Pick of the Litter” segment and adopted him soon thereafter.

Good thing, too, for the dog recently alerted Barboza and her family to a potentially deadly gas leak in their home:

The thought of what could have happened, had Chip not been so persistent, gives Barboza the chills. But his heroic actions are affirmation for Barboza, that age is just a number, and Chip is wise in his old age.

Click here for the full story.


Chip has repaid Corry Barboza for her willingness to adopt an older dog.
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