Video: After Beating the Odds, Lentil the Dog is Giving Back

Six months ago, Lentil was born with a life-threatening abnormality. Now, the odds-beating French bulldog is an ambassador for children who share his condition. Born with a cleft lip and nose, in addition to a hard and soft palate, Lentil was unable to eat or suckle. Facing imminent starvation, he was saved by local animal rescuer Lindsay Condefer.

“I was tube feeding him since he was two days old,” she explains.

In addition to administering a feeding tube and taking care of Lentil, Lindsay began documenting his difficult puppyhood on social media. His story immediately took off. The financial support Lindsay received from well-wishers fully funded Lentil’s expensive cleft-removal surgery and allowed the puppy to be just that, for the first time in his life.

Now, Lindsay and Lentil are giving back to all of those who helped save his life. A mini Internet celebrity, Lentil travels the country visiting hospitals and children who share the same condition he faced. He has already helped raise $50,000 for charity.

“It’s really a beautiful thing for us to be able to give back to them and show them the world is with them, too,” said Lindsay.

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Lentil has become an “ambassadog” for children with clefts.
Photo by Lentil’s Facebook page

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